16 Essential Personality Traits for Real Estate Agents – Part 1

A real estate agent needs to demonstrate certain traits for them to succeed in this line of work. Granted, not all real estate markets are the same, but buyers tend to look for similar things before deciding they can trust a real estate agent. These traits tell the client a lot of details that the agent doesn’t even need to mention.

But what are these traits that clients look for when they talk to a new real estate agent? Sixteen leaders from Forbes Real Estate Council examine the essential characteristics that real estate agents ought to have, and what those traits tell clients about that professional.

1. Drive
I look for real estate agents that are driven from within by a cause, a passion or a purpose that involves serving people. You can’t teach desire or being driven. To me, this intrinsic characteristic is the foundation upon which everything else is built. A person must be driven to have the qualities of competency, honesty, integrity, responsiveness, transparency, etc. People can feel this energy! – Bobby Bryant, Ask Doss

2. Curiosity
Eighty percent of what you hear from your agent at first should be questions, not a resume, pitch or anything else. That’s how they get to know you—and thus your needs—and this is how they can truly help. In turn, you can be comfortable that as a deal advances, you are being persuaded—not manipulated—so that everyone can win. – Nathan Headrick, BluWater

3. Honesty And Persistence
The best brokers are the ones who worry about the long-term relationship and the ones who have strong morals and ethics with the ability to be completely honest with you. On that same token, being pleasantly persistent is important as this is the main function of what brokers do. If you cross that line, you become annoying or ruthless. You need to know how to master being pleasantly persistent. – Heidi Burkhart, Dane Real Estate

4. Transparency
Transparency is key. While a licensed real estate professional should know that their primary duty is to their client, it is also essential for any professional to maintain objectivity and transparency toward other parties in a transaction. A win-win transaction can only take place when material information is communicated and understood by all parties involved. – Bryan McLaren, Zoned Properties, Inc.

5. Technological Mindset
Real estate agents equipped with technology in their business practices can offer modern solutions with data, automation, artificial intelligence and transparency. Access to data and automation can provide more clarity toward the real estate market as a whole while selling, buying or renting a home. – Chuck Hattemer, Onerent

6. Communication
I’d look for communication and transparency. While we maintain confidentiality with our clients, it is essential to be able to communicate in a clear and transparent way. Emails and texts are a great way to have a record of communication “in writing” but it is also essential to build a rapport with clients and business partners. – Marco Del Zotto, High Elevation Realty – RE/MAX Alliance

7. Underlying Passion
Don’t just tell me what I want to hear. When selecting an agent, direct and candid communication, deep market knowledge, comprehension of the numbers, willingness to hustle and consistent follow-through are my basic requirements. Once I find these qualities, I make sure the agent has an underlying passion for real estate. Without that passion, the other qualities always fall short. – Joanna Schwartz, Quartz Properties

8. Emotional Intelligence
In my opinion, emotional intelligence separates market leaders from distinctly average agents. Reading and understanding clients is a prerequisite to solving their real estate problems with well-thought-through and meaningful solutions. Get that part right and clients will buy from you rather than you selling to them. – Jonathan Hopper, Garrington

Source: Forbes Real Estate Council, forbes.com
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